Learn to dance to the music you love.
Which Dance Should I Learn? LSD is thrilled to assist you on your dance journey. The following will help you decide which dance or dances to learn and what items you’ll need to make it to your destination. You like Afrikaans music You desire to go and dance at “Langarm” dance clubs or dance at weddings A: Sokkie, 2-step and Waltz (Social ease dance course is perfect for this) You like Blues, Top 40 and R&B You desire to be creative You seek a chill environment with a crowd that appeals to teens, adults and seniors A: Learn West Coast Swing, Mambo, 2-Step, Cha Cha, Rumba You like fine wine and ethnic music You desire to explore partnership connection and the nuances of movement You are searching for a fun social network with a passionate crowd A: Learn Argentine Tango You are a country music lover You desire to have a beer and kick up your heels You enjoy the bar crowd A: Learn Sokkie, 2-Step & Line Dancing You like big band, easy listening, and the oldies but goodies You want to go to a wedding or corporate event and be confident on the dance floor You want to socialize, plan romantic dates, or just make Mom proud! A: Learn Sokkie, Ballroom Waltz, Foxtrot, East Coast Swing, or Night Club 2-step You like big band music and upbeat jazz You want to cut a rug and burn up the floor You are searching for a dance that is popular with teens and young adults A: Learn Lindy Hop, and East Coast Swing and Rock & Roll Complete the booking request form to have Izak (our owner) phone you back and schedule your free lesson or to answer questions you might have.
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Different Dances:
▼ Social Ease Combo
“Boere” Waltz
▼ Ballroom
Viennese Waltz
Quick Step
▼ Latin
Cha Cha
East Coast Swing
▼ Speciality
Argentine Tango
West coast Swing
Rock & Roll
Lindy Hop
Club dancing
Dance Back Up