Welcome to Lifestyle Dancing! Welcome to our dance community. We are thrilled that you have decided to learn how to dance. Whether your motivation is to exercise, challenge yourself with a new hobby, or to meet great people and expand your social circle we are excited to see you here at the Lifestyle Dancing.   Step 1. Decide on the dance. (What dance should I learn?) Start by asking yourself where you see yourself dancing, Socially or Competing? If you don’t know yet, start with the new student package and decide from there. Step 2. Decide on the type of class (What class should I take?) Now that you know the dance you would like to learn, you have to decide what class/classes to take. Group lessons or private lessons. Start with Foundation level group class of the dance that interests you the most. We also have a great package for new students! Step 3. Book your lessons Contact the studio by completing the booking request form to book your first free lesson. Pre-registration is not necessary. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your first group class to register. As a new student, your first class at LSD is free.  Step 4. Arrive for your lesson (Do I need a dance partner?) Arrive 15 minute before your booked time to get to know the surroundings and complete the registration form and sign the attendance registar. You do not need a partner to take classes, workshops or private lessons.   Step 5. What should I wear to class? Comfortable clothing and clean leather-soled shoes or dance shoes.   Step 7. I enjoyed the class...How do I purchase lessons? Your first class at LSD is free. To purchase classes beyond that, you may sign up by calling 082 880 6066 or email: info@lifestyledancing.co.za. Lessons are good one year from your date of purchase, and you may use them for any of the regularly scheduled classes at the studio. Step 8. How do I become a good dancer? Take group classes to learn the steps and basics of lead and follow. Take private lessons to fine-tune your skills and accelerate your learning. Go social dancing and dance with as many people as possible from beginners to professionals. Step 9. Where do I practice? Come to the monthly & weekly socials.   Easiest way to start? • Try our New Student Package (valid for people who have taken one or no classes at LSD). • Come to a beginner lesson at any LSD event and practice what you learned throughout the night. • Take a private lesson or two to explore your interests and accelerate your learning
Step-by-Step guide to help get you started.
Different Dances:
▼ Social Ease dances
“Boere” Waltz
▼ Ballroom
Viennese Waltz
Quick Step
▼ Latin
Cha Cha
East Coast Swing
▼ Speciality
Argentine Tango
West coast Swing
Rock & Roll
Lindy Hop
Club dancing
Dance Back Up