Sokkie, 2-Step and Waltz
In our Social Ease Course we focus on the Sokkie, 2-step, Waltz and a bit of Rock & Roll. These dances we found to be the most popular dances at wedding receptions, parties and work functions. If you can dance these you will be confident in most social situations where dancing takes place. We offer Sokkie lessons in Roodepoort and then we also offer Sokkie bootcamps and short courses all over South Africa (enquire for more deatils) Our Sokkie lessons in the Roodepoort area are taught in a manner that makes it fun to learn. We focus on making you look natural on the dance floor. The Sokkie is a very easy dance to learn, if you can walk you can dance. Have a look at our YouTube channel to get started with the Sokkie Basic and some other variations.
Wilropark, Roodepoort