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“Lifestyle Dancing blends the disciplines of dance with a social venue to create a lively, diverse dance community. If you wish to dance socially, perform, compete or add exercise to your routine, we will enrich your life through movement.” Izak Smit (owner)  
Izak Smit (owner) and his family. Caroline (wife) Addison (daughter)
There are many reasons people dance. Some want the challenge of learning a new skill, some want to be in a safe environment to heal after losing a loved one, some have aspirations of dancing like the beautiful dancers on Strickly come dancing, some want to compete and test themselves against others and others just want to feel alive and be a part of a community. Whatever your reason, we welcome you and want to be a part of your journey. Dancing is fun but not always easy. Especially as adults, we are used to being masters of our craft, and it takes guts and perseverence to learn a new skill. Being a beginner at anything is humbling and exciting at the same time. Be patient with yourself and laugh instead of cry when you make mistakes. Partners would rather dance with you when you are smiling! How do you get started? I always recommend learning the style of dance that matches the music you love. Start with group classes to learn the basic steps and to meet other dancers with the same interest. Follow our Step-by-step guide to get started. (If you want to do competition dancing then please contact Izak on 082 880 6066) We take care in planning our group classes. We want to educate everyone in not only the steps of a dance, but also the connection, musicality and social ettiquette so you will feel comfortable stepping out onto the dancefloor. We want you to be the most sought after dance partner at every party. Dance Dance Dance - you must get out there and social dance. Everyone fears going out dancing for the first time. It can be awkward to meet people and everyone feels they do not know enough to even step foot onto the dancefloor. Here are the biggest concerns: · What if my lady gets bored? Ladies are never bored. They are thrilled someone has asked them to dance and they are not counting how many moves you lead. They love dancing well-performed basics to the music and connecting with you. · What if I step on my partners feet? This happens to all of us at one time or another. Apologize, keep dancing, and stay away from steel-toed shoes! · What if no one asks me to dance? My first response is to say "go ask them to dance," but for many people this is awkward. If you smile and say hello to people as you stand by the dancefloor and sway or move to the music, you will increase your chances of being asked to dance. How do you improve? We encourage you to attend studio dance parties right away. Stay for half an hour to an hour to begin with so it's not overwhelming. We are there to dance with you and to help you feel more comfortable in the dance community. Private lessons really do make a difference. We do our best to teach top notch group classes, but the reality is that dance is a kinesthetic art form and getting feedback from an instructor is essential to becoming a great social dancer. I still take private coaching after 15 years of dance. It's the only way to truly delve and have those "Ah hah!" moments in dance. It's important to find the teacher who brings out the best in you.  We are serious about developing a community of dancers who feel at home and can be themselves here. We don't want you to dance like any of us. We are your guides to helping you find your personal expression and comfort within you own body. We know dance is one of the best ways to exercise, meet people, and create happiness in life. We hope you find this to be true for you too. Welcome to Lifestyle Dancing!
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